Migration to Drupal From Wordpress

What we are offering is quality transfer to Drupal without bugs, glitches, errors. We offer such migration services to be done in the shortest terms. Our team of specialists with years of experience are simply born to perform smooth an accurate migrations to Drupal as well as other Drupal relating services. So why migrate?

There are constant CMS wars going on, lots of chatter on what is better, why Joomla is superior to Wordpress and which of them is the ultimate solution. You, of course will be expecting this to be all-star explanation in why’s Drupal the ultimate solution and so you will be surprised finding out this couple of words are actually the opposite. We dare not say Drupal is the ultimate choose, as none of these solutions are. The thing is what do you want to choose, which of them is better for your purposes only.

The thing is that all these solutions have their strong sides and are better for some and worse for others. We value our customers’ time and requirements thus we will not be just advertising our services, shouting out loud they are the best. Just read carefully through the following and try realizing is it all that you need.

Drupal strong sides

Yes, Drupal is definitely more work consuming, yet it is a strong player when your game plan needs to change, evolve and adjust drastically. You are not definitely sure what kind of site you need – Drupal would be the smart choice. You need a site able of changing with ease to satisfy your user up-growing needs – Drupal is here.

Wordpress is splendid for blogging, to some extent. It is easy for end users, fast to operate with, does not require any specified skills. A splendid start for beginners, yet that is as much a weak side of Wordpress as it is strong. If you grow and look for more – it just stops matching your needs at a certain point. You now may want a forum or a web store or whatever and that’s the point you need to migrate from.  

Thus our team of specialist welcomes you if you do make the decision to migrate to Drupal, and we will give all the support and effort needed for that and a little bit more.